***May Contain Spoilers***

Last Monday’s highly anticipated return of One Tree Hill was, in my opinion, a bit of a snore. The episode found the entire Tree Hill gang bouncing their issues off of random guest stars, and while many of them made psychological progress, the plot barely moved an inch. I’m hoping that next week’s installment, “What Do You Go Home To,” will kick the story back into high gear. The episode will feature Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton having a conversation about his failed wedding, a new step in the relationship between Mouth and Millicent, and both Haley and Nathan pursuing new professional goals.

The CW’s official description of “What Do You Go Home To” reads, “Lucas and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) discuss Lucas’ aborted wedding, while Brooke gets a phone call that could change her life, and Millicent and Mouth (Lee Norris) take a new step in their relationship. Haley takes the first tentative steps towards a new career, and Nathan (James Lafferty) contemplates what it would take to get his game back.”

I’m excited to see Lucas and Peyton share some time together, even if his heart is still set on Lindsey. As for Nathan, should he go back to pursuing his dream of being a basketball star, or is time for him to move on and ponder another career? The doctors don’t want him to play, and another setback on the court could send him back to whiskey and a mullet all over again. I hope that Nathan knows what he’s doing.

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