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Chad Michael Murray has been wowing fans of One Tree Hill for years as Lucas Scott, but only recently has the actor stepped behind the scenes to try his hand at writing and directing. Murray wrote tonight’s special 1940s-themed episode, which transports the characters back to a time when mobsters ruled the streets and movies were still in black and white. He’s also spent the past week directing his first installment of the series, which will air sometime in January. Murray may be best known for his acting, but fans will soon learn that his work behind the camera is equally fascinating.

Chad stepped away from his directorial duties this morning to speak with us about what’s coming up on One Tree Hill. Read on for his thoughts on tonight’s episode, his script ideas that didn’t make the cut, and who he thinks Lucas should ultimately end up with.
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It’s been interesting to witness the variety of romantic pairings on One Tree Hill over the years. The show has never been afraid to mix people up and try new things, and while some couples haven’t been particularly exciting, at least the romances never get stale. Someone watching the first few seasons of the series would never guess that Skills and Deb would settle down one day, just as someone who’s only seen season 6 would be shocked that Nathan and Peyton were once a hot item.

One Tree Hill has paired up all sorts of people in its first six seasons, but which romance is the greatest of them all? BuddyTV readers voted in a showdown this week to answer that question, and the couple that dominated the poll may surprise you.
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There are few film genres that I love more than noir, which was all the rage in Hollywood throughout the ’40s and ’50s.  The films are usually shot in black and white, and often contain flashbacks, voiceovers, cynical men and dangerous femme fatales.  As much as I love the noir style, it can often be a disaster when television shows adopt it for very special episodes.  Smallville and Charmed both tried to pull off the hardboiled dialogue and beautiful black and white cinematography, but the less mentioned about those episodes the better.

While being interviewed by The CW Source at the Teen Choice Awards, Chad Michael Murray revealed that the episode of One Tree Hill he’s scripting will be noir-themed.  Will it be an interesting departure for the show or an absolute train wreck?

“We actually have a really great season this year,” Murray said when asked about what’s coming up for the One Tree Hill gang.  “Things have been heating up, we’ve killed a couple people, and I wrote an episode this year, actually.  I wrote a black and white ’30s film noir piece.  It’s kind of Casablanca meets Dick Tracy, and Mark [Schwahn] really loved it.  I took all six years [of the show] and kind of incorporated different aspects of it, then set it in the ’30s.”

Murray also revealed that his episode, which starts shooting in October, will likely be the thirteenth of the season.  The actor is also hoping to step behind the camera to direct an installment sometime this year.

Before I start to ponder what a ’30s-style One Tree Hill episode will be like, I have to wonder whether Murray was serious when mentioning the deaths of a couple characters.  It’s the type of comment that could have been a throwaway joke, or he could have been completely serious.  If he in fact wasn’t being facetious, then which members of the OTH gang will be meeting their ends?  Dan better not be included, or else I’ll be protesting in the streets.

As for the noir-themed OTH episode, I honestly don’t know what to think about it.  Murray has never written an episode before, so it’s impossible to predict how the installment will turn out.  I can certainly picture Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Brooke (Sophia Bush) in vintage ’30s garb, and it’s not difficult to think of Mouth (Lee Norris) as a nosy reporter, but what will the plot consist of?  Will the whole thing be a dream sequence?  Will it be an excerpt from Lucas’s next novel?  We’ll have to wait and see.

One Tree Hill season 6 premieres on the CW on September 1.


chad michael murray chad michael murray chad michael murray


We thought we had it figured out. With the news that actress Michaela McManus had landed a juicy new role on next season of Law & Order: SVU, it seemed impossible for her character of Lindsey to remain on One Tree Hill. With Lindsey out of the picture, figuring out who Lucas invited to Vegas at the end of season 5 would be a heck of a lot easier. Unfortunately, things just got more complicated. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, the head honchos over at SVU have given the actress permission to continue her work on One Tree Hill. Ausiello wouldn’t reveal how many episodes McManus would appear in, but it looks like the love triangle has once again become a square.

For the record, I didn’t mind the character of Lindsey last season. McManus may not be the Judi Dench of the small screen when it comes to acting ability, but I grew to like her character when she stood up to Lucas after calling off the wedding. She showed some real spine and maturity, at least until the writers randomly decided that she was still in love with Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) in the finale. It kind of felt like a cheap way to shoehorn her into the cliffhanger, which is why I was relieved when I heard that McManus had landed the gig on SVU. We could finally stop worrying about whether Lucas would pick Lindsey, and instead focus on whether he’s madly in love with Peyton (Hilarie Burton) or Brooke (Sophia Bush).

Now that Lindsey is back in the equation, is there any chance Lucas will pick her? I suppose it’s possible, but it still seems unlikely given McManus’ other commitments. Even if she did run off to Vegas to marry Lucas, the couple probably wouldn’t have much of a future together. I don’t know about most One Tree Hill fans, but I’d rather not watch Lucas and Lindsey fall out of love for yet another season. That story was old halfway through season 5, and I have faith that creator Mark Schwahn wouldn’t want to repeat himself.

It feels like we’ve been pondering this cliffhanger forever, but it’ll finally get wrapped up when season 6 of OTH premieres on September 1.

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